Czech team had really impressed me throug

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Czech team had really impressed me throug

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Each week, takes a look at the top available players in fantasy football ahead of the weekly waiver deadline. Quarterbacks Jake Locker, Tennesee Titans (vs. Dallas) Last Week: 22-33, 266 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs Depending on your league, Locker may already be on another teams bench, but he – and the rest of the Titans – looked good in beating what should be a strong Kansas City team and finishing in the Top 5 at his position. Ive always been a fan of Lockers game, save for his inability to stay healthy, but while hes on the field he may be a good option for a team looking for a QB. More good news: he plays Dallas brutal defence at home in Week 2. EJ Manuel, Buffalo Bills (vs. Miami) Last Week: 16-22, 173 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT; 19 rushing yards, 1 TD This is a more desperate move than Locker, but Manuel did finish just outside the Top 10 at his position in Week 1. His value appears tied to his rushing ability. If Manuel can manage some yards on the ground and, better yet, a rushing TD like last week, hell be valuable. But you certainly cant count on that every week and Manuels weekly rank should drop off moving forward. Running Backs Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles (at Indianapolis) Last Week: 11 carries, 71 yards, 1 TD; 4 receptions, 14 yards Sproles could easily be taken in your league, but he came into the year ranked in the 40s at running back, so theres at least a chance hes still available. Sproles is a backup running back that racks up fantasy points, its that simple. He proved right away being behind LeSean McCoy wont hinder him as much as some feared. Justin Forsett, Baltimore Ravens (vs. Pittsburgh) Last Week: 11 carries, 70 yards, 1 TD; 5 receptions, 14 yards The Ravens were quick to replace Bernard Pierce with Forsett as lead back in the (now permanent) absence of Ray Rice. I dont believe the journeyman Forsett will hold that role all season but while he has it, hes a decent RB2 option for a needy-team. Terrence West, Cleveland Browns (vs. New Orleans) Last Week: 16 carries, 100 yards With Ben Tate injured, it appears West will get first crack at replacing him. West impressed in Week 1 after a weak pre-season and should be owned. The Browns could have a very good run game this year with all three backs to receive significant carries averaging more than six yards per carry against the Steelers. If you dont want to get in the West bidding wars, Isaiah Crowell, who looked good in scoring two touchdowns in Week 1, is worth a look as well. Wide Receivers Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina Panthers (vs. Detroit) Last Week: 6 receptions, 92 yards, 1 TD I was high on Benjamin in the preseason and he showed in Week 1 he very much could become this years Keenan Allen. Working with backup QB Derek Anderson, Benjamin put up a borderline WR1 performance. That isnt likely to change when Cam Newton returns to the helm in Carolina next week; the rookie receiver and QB developed quick chemistry this preseason. Steve Smith, Baltimore Ravens (vs. Pittsburgh) Last Week: 7 receptions, 118 yards, 1 TD Smith is a gamer. He was a gamer in Carolina and it appears hes still a gamer now that hes in Baltimore. Most of the veterans points that pushed him to a WR1 performance in Week 1 were off an 80-yard reception, but he led the league in targets the first week of the season. While he may not have the big plays every week, it appears hell get more than enough work to put up solid performances moving forward. Allen Hurns, Jacksonville Jaguars (at Washington) Last Week: 4 receptions, 110 yards, 2 TDs I dont know who he is either, but he had a massive Week 1 for the Jaguars and the roughly 1% of fantasy teams that owned him. That number is sure to go up next week, but there are a couple reasons to be weary: hes still a Jaguar, and they arent likely to be scoring much points this year, and he only caught four of his nine targets, which could lead QB Chad Henne to look elsewhere in the future. Greg Jennings, Minnesota Vikings (vs. New England) Last Week: 6 receptions, 58 yards, 1 TD Jennings was owned a lot more at this time last year than he is now, but after a disappointing first year in Minnesota, fantasy players werent so quick to bite. While Cordarrelle Patterson had more points in Week 1, many were gained through rushing yards and Jennings finished with more targets against the Rams. Plus the Vikings passing attack could be potent enough to warrant both receivers being owned. Tight Ends Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts (vs. Philadelphia) Last Week: 4 receptions, 64 yards, 1 TD Allen was a bit of a forgotten man after losing a lot of time to injury last year. But the former first round pick, now healthy, put up a strong game against the Broncos in Week 1. The only thing preventing Allen from becoming a bona fide TE1 is teammate Coby Fleener, who actually got more targets than Allen in Week 1. Fleener is not a good tight end however, and once the Colts finally recognize that Allens targets and numbers should improve. Adil Rami Jersey .com) - A chant of Zeke reverberated around AT&T Stadium before Ezekiel Elliott powered into the end zone for his fourth and final touchdown. Hugo Lloris Jersey . The official spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Wednesday because the league hasnt announced the award. Crawford was the Clippers third-leading scorer and the NBAs top-scoring reserve with 18. ... ersey/.com) - Real Madrid claimed its 16th consecutive victory across all competitions on Saturday after earning a 2-1 win over Malaga at the Estadio La Rosaleda. Steve Mandanda Jersey . The Senators will put the busy off-season and training camp behind them when they open their regular season on the road. They kick things off Friday against the Buffalo Sabres and then head to Toronto to take on the Maple Leafs on Saturday. Benjamin Mendy Jersey .J. -- Freshman Eli Carter scored a career-high 31 points and hit the go-ahead basket in the second overtime as Rutgers rallied to stun No.The Olympic break in the NHL schedule will be upon us following the conclusion of ten games on Saturday night and players selected to represent their country will head to Sochi with their sights set on a gold medal. And I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my experiences gained through International competition and the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Seven NHL referees and six linesmen will be assigned upcoming games in Sochi by the IIHF as part of their 28-man officiating roster comprised of 14 refs and 14 linesmen. Referees Dave Jackson, Mike Leggo, Brad Meir, Tim Peel, Kevin Pollock, Kelly Sutherland and Ian Walsh will be joined by NHL linesmen colleagues Derek Amel, Lonnie Cameron, Greg Devorski, Brad Kovachik, Andy McElman and Mark Wheler. The IIHF has also selected linesmen Chris Carlson and Jesse Wilmot (Canada), along with Chris Woodworth and Tommy George (U.S.A. Hockey) to participate. Congratulations and best of luck to each of the officials selected to participate in this International showcase.The IIHF, represented by President Rene Fasel and Officiating Manager Konstantin Komissarov, or their designates will have already briefed the current crop of officials heading to Sochi with regard to rule differences, security measures, travel procedures and many other important matters that surround the Olympic event. Aside from the fact that it will be mostly business for the refs and linesmen once they arrive in Sochi, it is a much different world today than it was in 1998. As such, the current group of officials was strongly discouraged from having any family members join then for this Olympic event. It will be all business with heightened security measures in place! I recall our meeting with Mr. Rene Fasel at the NHL Offices in Toronto a month or so prior to our departure for Nagano. Since this was to be the first time that professional players and officials were being allowed to participate in the Winter Olympics there was extensive information that we were provided. As we were being brought up to speed on rule differences Mr. Fasel, stated that all referees and linesmen were required to wear a helmet and visor! My colleague Ray Scapinello raised his hand and said, "Mr. Fasel I dont wear a helmet let alone a visor." The IIHF President addressed Scapinello directly and informed him if he didnt wear a helmet and a visor he would not be working in the Olympics. Scampy immediately responded with, "My helmet size is 7 1/4 - thank you, sir." Those of us that didnt wear a helmet or visor put one in the last week or two of NHL games in an effort to adjust. As you can imagine I had a very difficult time with it. The visor gave me the feeling of being in a fishbowl. I tried various products and sizes in an attempt to get comfortable and was struggling with it until Ray Bourque helped me out in a game in Boston. He told me I looked ridiculous in the thing I was wearing and had the Bruins trainer put one of his special Oakley visors on my helmet. If nothing else, the style was more appealing and I wore it during the Olympics. In spite of flying business class to Tokyo from North America, it was a very long haul. We were advised to drink plenty of water (limit alcohol consumption) and to get up and exercise throughout the flight in addition to sleep as much as possible. Our Japanese hosts were fantastic. Upon arrival at Narita Airport we were personally escorted to the Bullet Train. We were then handed a ticket with a seat assignment and escorted to the platform where all passengers waited in a very orderly fashion behind a theatre-style rope. The Bullet Train pulled into the station and passengers disembarked. A cleaning crew dressed smartly in uniform and white gloves marched onto the train in single file with their brooms and dusters placed over their shoulders like rifles. They cleaned the train and then marched off in unison the same way they entered. An attendant removed the clip from the rope restrainer and the customers walked onto the train in a calm and orderly fashion, single file. For all of us that had been pushed and jostled on filthy trains throughout the North American public transit systems (especially the New York subway) this was an amazingly pleasant experience.dddddddddddd. We rolled into the mountain region of Nagano 24 hours after our flight had departed from North America. We had one day to quickly recover, meet with our IIHF colleagues in a morning skate and then work the games. The extensive travel to get to Sochi will be a challenge for the current group of officials to overcome as well. In a short tournament on the world stage, every game is crucial and the officials feel the pressure and demand to be at their very best. All of us had extensive Stanley Cup playoff experience (including multiple Cup Finals for several of us) but we were the new kids on the block regarding Olympic competition. The camaraderie that was quickly established between the amateur and professional officials in Nagano made for a unified group of zebras. We were able to share our officiating experience and help one another adjust to the bigger ice surface and style of play that we would encounter. We immediately gelled with our International colleagues and became a unified team. It was obvious to me very early in the tournament that the Czechs were going to be a team to be reckoned with. They had many talented players, but unlike their dismal performance in the 1996 World Cup of Hockey where they were individualistic and disjointed, this group appeared united and going for the gold. Their captain, Vladimir "Rosey" Ruzicka (233 NHL games with Edmonton, Boston and Ottawa) hadnt played in the NHL since the 1993-94 season but was performing at an incredibly high level; one that I had never seen from him previously. He was definitely the leader of this Czech team. And of course, they had The Dominator (Dominik Hasek) in goal! I was the backup referee for the gold medal game between Czechoslovakia and Russia. I was seated in the first row of the lower balcony beside my wife Kathy when Bill Wirtz and his wife arrived to occupy the seats beside us. The stairs were extremely steep and as Mr. Wirtz got to the railing he tripped and started to fall forward. I grabbed him by his belt and yanked hard pulling the Blackhawks owner backward into his seat before he fell over the railing. Startled, he look at me and said, "Thanks Kerry, that was a close call!" Just before the opening puck drop, Mr. Wirtz asked me who I thought was going to win the game. I told him the Czech team had really impressed me throughout the Olympics and I thought they stood a real good chance. He said that was good info because he had laid down a large bet in Vegas for the Czech team to win. The reasoning he shared with me was that he had bet against Dominik Hasek once before when he traded the goalie away from the Hawks. Mr. Wirtz said he wasnt going to bet against Hasek this time around! The Dominator shut out the Russian team and the Czechs won the gold medal. We were a tired but jovial bunch that boarded a bus arranged by Sr. V.P. of Hockey Operations Brian Burke to transport us from Nagano back to Tokyo following the gold medal game. And Burkie was busy snapping pictures of everyone as for his Nagano album. Following a brief sleep in the airport hotel, we boarded an early morning flight back home. Our stay at home was extremely short because the referees had to all fly to Toronto early the next morning for a meeting that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman insisted we attend. While we were in Nagano, the Commissioner had us craft a document with referee-in-chief Bryan Lewis in an attempt to solve the ongoing obstruction crisis in the NHL. As such, we had to jump on a plane and attend a referees-only meeting. Fortunately, those of us that had worked the Olympics were given a week off to recover from the jet lag. The meeting held in Toronto didnt prove all that productive since it wasnt until 2006 that a meaningful difference resulted in dealing with obstruction! The Olympic experience is a highlight of everyones career, whether as a player or as an official. I am quite sure the group working in Sochi will feel the same way. Best of luck boys and above all, please remain safe! China Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL T-shirts Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Black NFL Jerseys Stitched NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China ' ' '
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